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No payment is due during checkout. Please simply checkout your order and you will receive payment instructions over email with our wallet address & QR code - you have 10 days to pay after your order. In event you need longer, simply mail us to request your order to be placed on hold. In some cases, prices may fluctuate due to factory suppliers change, so that is why we have this policy. If you need any assistance, reply to the order email you receive after checkout.

We can accept below payment method:

1. Bitcoin/BTC or other Cryptocurrency

The best option for payments is using Bitcoin with popular apps such as PayPal, CashApp, Coinbase or other cryptocurrency. This is better for faster processing & for anonymous purchase in order to keep your order from being flagged or causing you any issues.

It's easy to buy Bitcoin with apps such as CashApp, PayPal, Bitfinex Blockchain.com and coinbase,you can buy bitcoin on that site.they will give you a Bitcoin wallet address on their site to store your bitcoin,

For CashApp & PayPal users, please see the following

Search for a Bitcoin ATM near you

  • https://www.google.com/search?q=bitcoin+atm+near+me

  • Buy Bitcoin with CashApp

  • How to Buy Bitcoin with CashApp
  • How to Send Bitcoin with CashApp to our wallet

  • Buy Bitcoin with PayPal

  • How to Buy Bitcoin with PayPal
  • Nerdwallet.com article on Bitcoin with PayPal
  • How to buy bitcoin with various apps using your PayPal account

  • For other Apps: You can click below link. Note that you might need to search for how to buy Bitcoin in your country, if you need help, please just checkout your order and we will assist you in finding a proper way to send Bitcoin in your place of residence







    2. Pay your Order with PayPal Friends & Family


    NOTE: We are usually unable to accept PayPal payments due to issues with PayPal restricting payments and we have a minimum amount that we accept. Checkout your order using "Bitcoin" as the payment preference and then request over e-mail in response to the order invoice sent to your email address after checkout and a manager will either approve or refer your account for other payment options.